Milestones & achievements

  • Conducted a successful market research trip to Colorado.
  • Massachusetts registration of Café Vert, LLC.
  • Created a new website. (Additional content to come).
  • Joined the Easthampton Chamber of Commerce.
  • Tentative location identified, compliant with all draft recreational marijuana zoning regulations.
  • Secured early seed funding. 
  • Testified before the Cannabis Control Commission (Oct 2017, Feb 2018).
  • Early relationships and partnerships formed for local food vendors, cannabis programming, and cannabis supply chain. 
  • Testified at and attended all Easthampton recreational marijuana zoning ordinance meetings (Planning Board and City Council), from Aug 2017 through present. Easthampton Planning Board passed a draft recreational marijuana zoning ordinance on December 4, 2017.
  • Early permitting and outreach meetings with municipal and other local stakeholders.
  • Location secured.

Future milestones


  • Secure recreational marijuana license(s).
  • Secure all necessary permits and licenses to open Café Vert coffeehouse.
  • Buildout.
  • Open to public (anticipated Fall 2018/Winter 2019).
  • Secure recreational marijuana partnerships with vendors, distributors, and ancillary service providers.
  • Recreational marijuana retail sales commence.