Milestones & achievements

  • Market research trip to Colorado.

  • Massachusetts registration of Café Vert, LLC.

  • New website and Facebook page.

  • Easthampton Chamber of Commerce membership.

  • Early seed funding secured.

  • Testified before the Cannabis Control Commission at invited stakeholders and open public hearings.

  • Attended and testified at Easthampton Planning Board and City Council meetings regarding recreational marijuana zoning, from Aug 2017 through present. On March 28, 2018, the Easthampton City Council approved an "historic" Adult Use Cannabis zoning ordinance.

  • Early permitting and outreach meetings with municipal and other local stakeholders.

  • Secured location: Keystone Mill - The Brickyard, 142 Pleasant Street, Easthampton, MA.

  • Invited speaker to cannabis industry panels, providing the perspective of a small business and a female minority entrepreneur.

  • Developed a crowdfunding campaign, including a video, pitch deck, and business plan. We are waiting for bank approval to go live.

Future milestones

  • Secure necessary investment to fund project.

  • Secure all necessary permits and licenses to open Café Vert coffeehouse.

  • Buildout.